Make of the week: striped fruit ice lollies!

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Homemade ice lollies are a great way to cool down on hot summer days. Homemade ice lollies are a great alternative to shop bought ice lollies which are packed with sugar. These are just as tasty and far healthier too!

Along with water fights and paddling pools, ice lollies are also a great way to cool down from the heat of the sun and they also taste delicious too. It’s fun and also healthier to make your own ice lollies for the hotter days and you can mix and match this recipe with whatever fruit takes your fancy! It’s also an easy activity to do with your children and it gets them into the kitchen to help you. Not only do the lollies taste good but also the colours created from the process should form a striped effect making them equally as good to look at.

What you need:

  • Fruit of your choice (we chose strawberries)
  • Ice lolly moulds and sticks
  • Any fruit juice-…

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Day out in the rain…with MAC

The good old British weather gave me the opportunity to spend some time indoors at the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC). Great exhibitions, creamy hot chocolate and homemade cake ensued.

Love, love loved the art course exhibition; especially the simple idea of coloured paper cutout wallpaper and the ‘peg doll parade”…lots of ideas and inspiration for Fab-ryk

A great day out!


Happy New Year!

A sneak peek at some of the gorgeous prints used in our new collection

It’s been a crazy few months in the Fab-ryk Studio. Lots of new developments and loads more ideas to come. Thank you to all who have supported us during 2015, we’re looking forward to showing you the new 2016 range soon xxx



Make of the week: Easy Peasy Beanie!

Perfect for you little ones during the cold weather.

I’ve been busy making Christmas orders over the past few weeks but this cold weather has inspired me to share my easy Beanie hat idea. It’s so simple it can be made in minutes with very basic sewing skills.

Firstly; you will need some Jersey fabric. You can even use an old t-shirt if you wish.

Lay the fabric out flat and cut out a square measuring 50cm wide x 45cm long. Next; fold the fabric in half lengthways, ensuring the the right sides of the fabric are facing eachother.

…even better, re-cycle an old t-shirt to make your hat.

Using a zig zag stitch on your sewing maching, stitch along the longest edge.

2When you have finished, your fabric will be in a tube shape. Fold this tube in half so that the wrong sides of the fabric are now facing eachother.

4Select the ribbon that you would like to use to secure the top of your beanie hat and cut a 35cm length. Gather the top of your hat (the open end with raw edges), tie your ribbon firmly around this using a double knot – then tie this into a bow.

You can even change the colour of the ribbon to coordinate with different outfits!


…and that’s all! It’s easy isn’t it?

When worn you can fold up the hem so it doubles over (to keep ears warm). This looks great when worn with our Charlie Scarf.


Make of the week: dairy free chocolate brownies!

Dairy free chocolate brownies!
Dairy free chocolate brownies!

Baking without using any dairy products can often be a challenge, but sometimes the results are even better than if you did use them. Whether you and your family are vegan or not, our vegan brownie recipe is really quick and easy to whip up in no time- especially is you and the kids are craving a chocolaty treat! Although we’ve called these ‘brownies’ they actually have a more soft, cake like texture which is just as delicious. Also, the best thing about our recipe is that it makes up to 16 brownies so they would be perfect for birthday parties or buffets.

What you need:

* 250g self-raising flour

* 350g Demerara sugar

* 65g plain cocoa powder

* 1 tsp salt

* 250ml water

* 125ml vegetable oil

* 1 tsp vanilla extract

Pre heat the oven to 180 C.

Next, in a large mixing bowl stir together your flour, sugar and cocoa and salt. Once these have all be thoroughly combined pour in the water and mix well into a paste, don’t worry if your mixture is thick and gloopy at this stage as its normal for this to happen.

Then pour in your vegetable oil and vanilla extract. The mixture should turn more ‘shiny’ and a bit runnier due to the vegetable oil. The oil in this recipe will cause the brownies to be softer and more crumbly once they’ve been baked to give a ‘melt in the mouth’ texture.

Grease a large baking tray and spread your mixture into it evenly before baking for 25-30 minutes. The top of the brownies should be smooth but not shiny looking, let your brownies bake a little bit more if the tops are still shiny after the allotted time.

Enjoy the delicious taste of dairy free brownies! We would love to know how you found our recipe or if you have any improvements to it feel free to comment below.

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